Acute cholecystitis with wild-type transthyretin systemic amyloidosis in the gallbladder: a case report


  • Richard Yu-Cheng Chou Department of General Surgery, Dubbo Base Hospital, Dubbo, NSW, Australia
  • Colin Mc Clintock Department of General Medicine, Dubbo Base Hospital, Dubbo, NSW, Australia
  • Than H. Oo Department of Anatomical Pathology, Dubbo Hospital Laboratory, NSW, Dubbo, Australia
  • Chandika Liyanage Department of General Surgery, Dubbo Base Hospital, Dubbo, NSW, Australia



Amyloidosis, Acute cholecystitis, Gallbladder, Wild-type transthyretin amyloidosis


Amyloidosis is a rare disease involving the deposition of organised insoluble proteins in various body viscera, with the disease further classified into different subtypes. In exceedingly rare cases the literature has reported the presence of amyloid deposition in the gallbladder. We described the first documented case of wild-type transthyretin systemic amyloidosis involving the gallbladder, occurring in a 91-year-old female who presented with acute cholecystitis.


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