Os lunatum reconstruction with autogenous bone graft from the medial condyle of the femur for Kienböck's disease: a case report


  • Nelda Neilande Riga Stradiņš University, Riga, Latvia




Kienböck's disease, Avascular necrosis, Lunate, Wrist pain


This case report outlines the management of a 43-year-old man suffering from chronic wrist pain due to Kienböck's disease. In 2019, the patient underwent os lunatum reconstruction surgery at Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics (TOS), utilizing a femur medial condyle autologous bone graft-a rarely reported techinque. Four years postoperatively patient underwent a follow-up visit, the patient exhibited substantial improvements in pain relief and functionality, evidenced by a QuickDASH score of 2 points, indicating minimal disability. Despite these positive outcomes, nuanced limitations in specific wrist movements and a subtle decrease in grip strength were noted. Notably, the patient reported discomfort in the left knee, the donor site for the autologous graft. This case contributes valuable insights into the feasibility and challenges associated with the femur medial condyle autologous bone graft technique for Kienböck's disease. The findings underscore the need for ongoing refinements and long-term monitoring, considering the patient's subjective experiences and the impact on both the wrist and the donor site. The study adds to the limited body of literature on unconventional surgical approaches for Kienböck's disease, guiding future research endeavors and refining the application of femur medial condyle autologous bone grafts in orthopedic practice.


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