An unusual case of tubercular liver abscess presenting as pericardial effusion


  • Vismaya K. B. Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Rihan Rashid Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Tubercular liver abscess, Pericardial effusion, Breathlessness


Tropical nations like India frequently have liver abscess. They are typically amoebic or pyogenic abscesses. It can sporadically be a sign of hepatic tuberculosis (TB). Hepatic tuberculosis should be suspected in cases where the patient doesn’t present with typical complaints of pyogenic/amoebic abscess without response to commonly used antibiotics. Pyogenic/amoebic liver abscesses show the rare complication of rupture into the pericardium, especially if the abscess is left sided. However, a tubercular pericardial effusion presenting with rupture into the pericardium has rarely been reported. We present to you a case of tubercular pericardial effusion in a known diabetic patient secondary to ruptured liver abscess presenting to the emergency department with chief complaints of breathlessness, chest pain and bilateral pedal edema.


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